Monochromes for the Season

Hello Girls

Welcome to our first #traveldiary.

Journeys, are not great or small. They just are.” These are the opening lines from an insightful advertisement of a great product. And we could not have put it in any better way.

We often tend to confuse journey with commute and take the flavour out of journeys. While commutes produced tired employees, journeys prepares tireless explorers.

People in and around Delhi are blessed with varied landscapes  that are perfect for weekend getaways. All you need is the desire to travel and the direction where you want to head to.

For a change, TheZeleneCraze team decided to head to the hills this time around for our blog. We are eager to present to you the first part of our journey into the lower hills of Himachal.

After a lot of consideration and reconsideration of where should we head to, the team eventually zeroed on Kasauli. Being in close quarters to Delhi, it is something which we could make a weekend getaway.

IMG_5179Our journey began from Delhi at noon and after a drive of 6 hours, we made it to Kasauli; at the right time to watch the golden sun set behind the gorgeous hills. The first day was spent resting our backs and soaking in the serene silence of the evening hills.

Kasauli Exotica, was the abode of the team for next two days. The place is perfectly nestled with majestic views of the valleys and green pastures all around. The rooms were well maintained and clean. All the usual amenities were present and the courteous staff made sure that we are always tended to. A word of advice to fellow travellers is that they need to opt for Valley facing rooms for a good view and should also carry a conditioner along with them. The hotel provided us with shampoo and moisturiser but missed out on conditioner. Though the Himalayan pristine water brings out the softness of the hair, however if you are used to conditioner, please carry one as there are no shops close by when you need one urgently.

Rejuvenated after a sound sleep which is often missing in the busy city life, we decided to head out for a shoot next morning. With the mercury rising each day, the snowline had receded to mountain ranges that were too far away for our weekend getaway. So we decided to instead park the car and head for a short trek to the beautiful Barog railway station that also happens to be a UNESCO heritage site.

IMG_5141Expecting hilly weather, uneven surfaces and long walks, we decided to go for a look that would best suit this kind of journey.

Black jeggings from Only, a white tee from Forever 21 was chosen as the perfect outfit for the day. To keep things evergreen, combination of Black and White was to look the part in the areas which were filled with the season’s drying forests and shedding leaves.

This was coupled with shoes from Zara which were just perfect to add a bit of style quotient and have enough grip to walk through the forest trails.

As the mountain sun can be amazingly sharp and as the temperature were ranging from 3 to 10 degrees celcius, we paired this look with an all essential black jacket from Kazo. It not only added a cool style to the look but also saved us from the elements and getting tanned.

The make up for this look was kept simple comprising an eyeliner and lip balm (Baby Lips) from Maybelline.


Barog being a quaint little station, is sparsely populated but incredibly picturesque. After having a tiny cup of tea and playing with the puppies at the station, we resumed the shoot and came across a few wonderful spots for the below shots.


IMG_5214At the end of the day, the trip to Barog was a journey worth remembering. The magnificent views, the winding roads and the cool breeze added the much needed relaxation into the shoot.

The journey also helped the team bond well and gave us an amazing opportunity to know each other better.

We at TheZeleneCraze encourage our lovely viewers to get out of their daily rut, take their loved ones along, go out and explore the beautiful earth we have been gifted with.

If you have a #traveldiary story email us at also attach a picture and we’ll showcase your story on our page.

Be on the look out for upcoming travel series from theZeleneCraze team.

Until next time…Ciao…


Pictures Credit – Ajeya M.A


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