…Of Incomplete Stories…

The silent screams and the fading dreams, 

The secret rage and the constant search for solace; 

Those open roads and the distance never covered,

Those unshed tears and disguised emotions of a mother;

Stories are written everyday by you, by me;

Some are left unfulfilled some are left unfinished.

With our busy schedules and hectic lifestyle, we tend to leave behind many people and leave the stories of our lives incomplete. 

With stress and depression being the new age epidemic, many of us are silent victims of the same. In some way or the other, its our incomplete stories which takes us down that path. 

We strongly believe that if there is anyone who can complete our incomplete story, it is us. And we urge our friendly audience who have left their stories incomplete, to take the resolution to complete them and make their life beautiful again.

If you are someone who braved all the challenges thrown at  you and overcame it, we would love to hear your inspirational stories. We would love to hear about it and showcase it. 
We can be reached at thezelenecraze@gmail.com

Concept and images – Ajeya.


4 thoughts on “…Of Incomplete Stories…

  1. The pix are great… the concept is mindblowing… however just like the title itself something is incomplete… still a grt effort guys…


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