Sublime Style

;Hello friends and welcome to this week’s blog – Sublime Style.

‘This week’s look  is inspired by the lovely weather and the feeling of occasion which is in the air. With the lovely sunshine; cool breeze blowing everywhere and with the floral spring around the corner, we are excited to present our imagination of what will suit a wonderful occasion.’


The thought process behind the look was to keep things sublime; while still voicing our sense of style. We have tried to showcase a sense of style that is not confined to a region within a state or within a country. The sense of style which enhances our personality while it also conveys our presence boldly.


This look was brought together with clothing and accessories that were procured from noticeable brands like Forever 21, Tiara (accessories) and also those which were made by less known but equally talented people.


We have paired an ‘Indo Western Floral Skirt with a black blouse’ which was stitched locally by our favorite tailor.


We opted to go for a bolder eye make up, for which we used MAC smokey eye shadow palette. Only color that we used to make was black, with a tinge of brown to define the crease line. Nude lip gloss from Elle 18 was chosen to keep it subtle yet stylish. Chambor‘s peach pink blush was next in turn to enhance the cheek’s natural glow.


We at TheZeleneCraze team hope that you enjoyed this blog and we would love to hear from you. Please do share the blog with your friends and leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

Photo Credits: Ajeya


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