Simple & Serene

Hello and welcome to our weekly blog…🖐🏼

Hope you all are doing extremely fine after a busy week at work. ☺️

Working ladies have dual responsibilities and are mostly strapped for time. Hence we decided to showcase a look that is ‘Simple and Serene yet Sophisticated.’

Having toiled the weekday grind, Fridays let us lighten up a bit and go for something which conveys business, albeit a bit casually.

Expecting a business meeting last Friday, I decided to go with this styling which was extremely simple and also didn’t require too much makeup.

So here it goes…


As I opened my closet, I was welcomed by my ‘Mock neck bodysuit’ from Forever21. Soon my eyes were looking at a pair of matching ‘Pointed Pumps’ that I had picked up, from Forever21 too.

I needed something which could convey my bold stance and a nice pair of ‘Blue Skinny Jeans’ from Flying Machines was just the thing I needed.

To add a dash of class nothing could have worked better than the ‘White Jacket’ from KOOVS.


To let my eyes do a bit of the talking, I chose ‘Slept-in Smudge’ eye makeup, which is a simple plain liner with a bit kajal smudged in the eye corner.

The makeup was finally completed with lip shade, ‘Matte Mehr’, from MAC cosmetics.

For a meeting which is time bound, no accessory made more sense than a stylish watch.


With this, I was perfectly ready to mark my presence felt in my career life and let the people know that I have arrived.

I would love to hear any queries regarding this look or my previous looks, and I can be reached at

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March also marks the beginning of our effort to reach our audience even more. So we are planning to appreciate our audience in the form of attractive giveaways.

So there is no better time than now to be tuned to the Zelenecraze blog series.

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Good day


Photo Credits: Ajeya


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