An Eye for Details

Hello all you fine people and welcome to our weekly blog!!!🖐🏼

The ZeleneCraze team hopes you all are doing fine and had a lovely Valentine’s day.  We are excited to know how you celebrated the day of love.

There are many beautiful ways to express love and emotion. Some say it via cards, some via songs. Some prove it with their actions and many affirm through the power of words.  However, those which are conveyed by the eyes are among the very few which touch the heart.

Our eyes are that medium of communication, which not only speaks in its silent language but also are the first thing that attracts the people around us. So we thought why not dedicate a blog towards make up so that when your loved one gazes into your eyes, its well worth it.

For this blog, I have used products from MAC cosmetics, Chambor and Faces. You should be able to pick them up from your nearest stores. Please do feel free to reach out to me if you need assistance in finding the products I have used.

The brushes I have used are from Vega.


As I have wheatish tone, the Base I opted for was Chambor – Enriched Revitalizing with SPF 18 (Number 301) and RR5 Chambor Powder Compact.



I brought my eyes to life using the MAC Eye Shadow Palette.

The colors I have used for making my eyes look bolder are Cranberry, Embark and Carbon.


I also decided to go a step further and used the Mascara,  Ultimate Pro – Gel Waterproof Mascara by Faces.


The look was completed adding the blush Luminous Blush 05 – Sunset Rose by Chambor and Lip colour from MAC – Diva.


With this you will now be ready to step out and enjoy all the attention you are about to get.


Photo Credits: Ajeya MA


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